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Fessing Up with Chyna...

Chyna is one of those action-oriented people who chooses to cast FEAR aside and follow her vision. She has a sincere heart...and a strong desire to discover the limits of her potential. She wants to leave difference-making footprints...and in that I find both admiration and a pure EXAMPLE. We'll DEFINITELY be hearing more about Chyna. Gratitude... S.

Grind Pays Off Music LLC Manager

Chyna Interview w / our artist Loopbron James went perfect today she was interactive and engaging in conversation the whole time and made sure the interview went smoothly .... I can’t wait to do have another one of our artists on the show ❗️

The fess up experience

Had a very good time on the show chyna asks her questions diligently, her voice tone is angelic an welcoming shout out to the fesss up


I just wanna say I was touched by your story it brought tears to my eyes when you said you posted your vitiligo on social media and came out of your shell.I’m thankful that I listened to this,much love and keep up the good work!