Responding To An Email From One Of My Viewers.

Jeremiah Emails Chyna For Advice; Hey Chyna, I won’t go too in depth because it will take a while but here it goes! im a 14 year old boy and unfortunately my best friend who is also a boy is no longer my friend over a simple mistake I made. We were pretty close, we used to hug each other all the time, and it felt warm and just great! I loved being around him. After a few months of him not being my friend. I’ve missed hugs and just generally being with him. I get upset, heart thumping and chest tight. I get so ANGRY when my other friends speak to him or when his Girlfriend hugs him. I feel so jealous and wish I was in his girlfriends shoes. I wish I had the same looks and physique as him. I’ve never had romantic and sexual thoughts and feelings with another boy before. its hurts, I just want him to be my friend but deep down I also want it to be more of a friendship. He told me “I can’t be your friend, my parents won’t let me”. I’ve messaged his parents but was ignored and there’s nothing I can think off that I could do. (For the record I still have sexual thoughts with girls and no other boys except this one) Am I BI? Do i have an obsession with this boy? How do I get him to be my friend again? Is it just Jealousy? or is it Infatuation? thanks for reading! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Support this podcast: