Women Need To Learn How To Give Compliments Without Comparing Yourself Or Being Shady

Women Need To Learn How To Give Compliments Without Comparing Yourself Or Being Shady

It’s Bad Enough As Women We Endure A lot Especially When It Comes To Survival, Taking Care Of Home And The Men We Choose To Share Our Worlds With. So There Should Be No Reason Why Their Isn’t Enough Unity When It Comes To Women As A Whole. Even Your Day One Could Be Hating From Day 1, But My Biggest Pet Peeve Is Women Who Compliment Other Women While Being Shady Or Comparing Themselves At The Same Time! Seek Professional Help, Now‼️

Why Bother Giving A Compliment You Really Don’t Want To Give Or If You Don’t Mean Well? Why Would You Feel Comfortable Comparing Yourself To Other Women Or Even Your Friend, Instead Of Being Genuinely Happy For Them In Their Moment? Is It Really Flattery Or Admiration? So I’ve Decided To Make A List Of Compliments Or Statements Some Women Make, That Makes Them Look Jealous Or Shady. If There Is Anything You Don’t See On My List But Would Like To Include, Feel Free To Comment Below With Your Examples or Opinions Respectfully 😶‍🌫️🤍🙏🏽

SB: Ladies, Remember “Comparison” Is The Thief Of Joy! Stop Comparing Yourself To Other Women While Giving Them A Compliment🙃‼️



My List Of Double-Edged Insulting Shady  Complements or Complements With Comaprisons, Some Women Make To Other Women: 

  • “I’m So Happy For You, You And Your Man Look So Happy. I Wish I Had That”.
  • “Congratulations  You’re So Lucky, It Seems Like I Have Bad Luck I’m Not As Lucky As You”.

  • You Look So Good Without Makeup, You Should Rock It More Often.
  • Congratulations On Getting Your Degree. That’s A Hard Major To Take Up, I Never Thought You Would Be Interested In Going Back To School You Didn’t Seem Like The Type.
  • (Comments Under Your Picture On Social Media Like) You Look So Beautiful, Where Did You Get That Wig From? 

  • You Are So Pretty For A Dark Skinned Girl.
  • Vitiligo Fits You I Would Want To Kill Myself If I Got Vitiligo Out Of Nowhere, You’re So Strong.
  • Whats Your Nationality, You’re So Articulate?
  • I Didn’t Expect You To Get The Job, Congratulations .
  • I Love How You Don’t Care About Other Peoples Opinions You Just Do You, I Wish I Had That.
  • I Wish I Wasn’t Such A Neat Freak, I Wish I Was Like You So Chill About All That Clutter In Your House.

  • You’re So Luck I Love Your Whole Life, I Wish I Didn’t Have Responsibilities You.
  • You Look Nice, I Would Never Be Able To Pull That Off.
  • Congratulations On Your New Job. You’re So Dope, I Could Never Let A Stranger Watch My Kids. 

  • You’re Hair Is So Beautiful, Is That.
  • I Love Your Confidence And How You Just Wear Anything. 

  • That’s A Beautiful Pic Of You, I Didn’t Recognize You First Glance. 

* These Are Just A Few Examples, Feel Free To Share, or Comment Some Examples On This Blog🤗


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