What Happened To Tommy Aldon?

What Happened To Tommy Aldon?

Tommy Aldon Who’s Real Name Is Sydney Is Very Open About About His Sexuality And Being Gay, Is Known For Getting On The Monkey & Flinch App Recording Himself Making Fun Of People. He Caught A lot Of Attention From His Videos And Grew His Following Rapidly. Former Champ’s Sport Worker Tommy Aldon, Left His 9-5 After Signing A Deal With YouTube To Start Producing Videos. In 2017 He Live Streamed Hisself Beating On His Grand Mother, And Started Spiraling  Out Of Control! 


In 2019 He Got On Facebook To Express How He Was In A Relationship With A 46 Year Old Man And How He’s Only 13 Having Sex In The Park With Him & That He Has AIDS. Aldon Seems To Have A Mental Illness Or It Could Be The Meth He Got On Snapchat Posting About Recently. 

There Has Been Several Posts Floating Around About Him, People Are Even Being Corny And Making Fun Of Him Until It’s Their Brother Or Son. I Honestly Think Someone Laced Him, Or He Has Not Been Taking His Medication. He Was Ok Snapchat Today Walking Around With A Machete Recording Himself Walking Up To People Harassing Them. 

Some People Are Saying He’s Doing It For Clout While Have The Same Theory As I Do. If Any Of His Loved Ones Cared They Would Get Him Some Professional Help Before He Runs Into The Wrong Person!