The Lox And Dispet Verzuz. Who Won?! LMFAOOOO

The Lox And Dispet Verzuz.  Who Won?! LMFAOOOO

Although I Hardly Know Any Of The Lox’s Music And Probably Would Hit Skip Skip If Any Of Their Songs Came Up In My Playlist, I Don’t Dislike Them Musically Or As Artists Individually. Growing Up I Just Listened To Dipset More, Mainly Because I Dodged The Hardcore Rap To Settle For Commercial Music. 

Curtis Jackson Now Known As “50 Cent”, Was Of Course Trolling Dipset After The Verzuz Battle. Social Media Itself Has Been In A Frenzy Leading Up To The Battle And They Still Are Now That The Battle Is Over. Since Both The Lox And Dipset Went Head To Head In This Battle, I Can Go Head In Acknowledge That NYC Took The Crown Last Night But Of Course Jadakiss The Yonkers Rap Artist From The Lox Is The Real MVP! 

It’s Crazy Because I Was Actually Rooting For “Dipset” But In A Split Second I Came To My Senses Respectfully. Juelz Santana Blew Mines Showing Up To The Battle Looking Like “Who Child Is This?” or “Like A Down South Eater” LMFAOOO. Idk What He Was Thinking Showing Up Looking A Hot Mess, Social Media Was Having A Field Day And To Top It Off Jadakiss Snatched Juelz Bandana Off & Threw It On The Floor During The Battle He Had Me Reaching For My Fake Gun Lmfaoooo. 

Freaky From Dipset Was Giving Crack Addict Vibes, And Jimmy Was A Vibe Per Usual. The Lox Overall Was On Their RNS (Real Nigga Shit). It’s Amazing To See The Difference In Musical Generations, Like It’s Wild Even. Cam Was Giving “Fuck Is Y’all Doing Vibes” To His Own Crew Lmfaooo But Cam Haircut Was Giving “The Temptations Vibe” 🤣

Jadakiss Ain’t Come To Play Last Night, So For Me The Lox Won Period And That’s On Mary Had A Little Lamb!