The Fat Joe Show And Taral Hicks Aka Kisha From Belly

The Fat Joe Show And Taral Hicks Aka Kisha From Belly

Just Two Weeks Ago Taral Hicks Who Played “Kisha” From Belly Was A Guest On Rapper Fat Joe’s (From Terror Squad) Show, The Fat Joe Show. Her Interview With Him Was Mind Blowing And Made Me Look At Her Differently After Watching, In A Good Way!

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For Starters, I Never Knew Taral Grew Up In Gun Hill Projects! She Played Her Role So Well, For Being So Opposite Of Her Character And Actually Being A Devoted Christian Woman. She Expressed During Her Interview With Joe How She Wasn’t Star Struck Upon Finding Out She Would Be Working With Yonkers Rapper DMX, Because She Barely Knew Who He Was Prior To Landing Her Role As Kisha.

I Remember When Belly Came Out How Every “Brown” Teenage Girl In That Era Wanted To Be “Kisha”, And Every Teenage Boy Wanted A Kisha. What Really Stood Out To Everyone Back Then Was The Sex Scene Between Kisha And  Tommy “Buns” Brown Played By DMX, And Kisha’s Spicy Sassy Demeanor While Being Oiled Up With Baby Oil Looking Sexy As Fuck. 

Unfortunately, Taral Revealed For The Second Time (She Revealed For The First Time During Her Interview With Angie Martínez Years Ago), That Wasn’t Her In That Sex Scene With DMX. Infact, She Had No Idea The Sex Scene Was Apart Of The Movie Until She Watched The Premier For It. Although She Was Shocked, She Held It Down (Until Her Interview With Angie) And Didn’t Mentioned How During That Scene They Had A Body Double Come In To Take Her Place.

I’m Guessing Director-Hype Williams Knew Taral Wouldn’t Have Agreed To Doing That Scene, Based On Her Faith And Religion Beliefs.  I Can’t Even Watch That Scene The Same Knowing It Wasn’t Really Her. I’ve Heard Of Stunt Doubles Stepping In For Actors/Actresses Because Of Their Skill Set To Perform Dangerous Or Physically Demanding Stunts, But This Is The First Time I’ve Heard Of Them Stepping In To Execute A Sex Seen. When Asked By Joe If She Would’ve Done The Scene If Asked, Hicks Stated She 100% Sure She Wouldn’t Have Done That Scene Herself.

Joe Asked Some Great Questions And I Learned Something New About Taral Following Every Reply She Gave. I Had No Idea She Was Trying To Push A Music Career, I’m Going To Check It Out For Sure. I Would Also Like To Add How Beautiful And Youthful She Still Looks, Y’all Know Black Don’t Crack Unless Your On It! 

 For The Most Part Taral Hicks Is Dope, And I Have Nothing Bad To Say About Her. As Far As Joe, He Needs To Allow His Guests To Speak And Stop Taking Over Their Interviews!