PNB Rock Wants Out Of His Label, Complains He Hasn’t Made Money Since

PNB Rock Wants Out Of His Label, Complains He Hasn’t Made Money Since

Philadelphia Rapper, PNB Rock Claims He Doesn’t Make Any Money Off Of His Music And Regrets Signing His Deal With Atlantic Records. He Recently Shared His Frustration With His Label On Social Media, While Flashing Stacks Of Cash Like These Corny Men Do!
The Philly Artist Claims He Wished Someone Would Have Talked Him Out Of Putting His Pen To Paper Before Signing His Contract. “Wish Somebody Woulda Sat N Told Me Not To Take The Deal, I Don’t Make Money Off My Music I Got Paper Still,” He Wrote. He Tagged His Label And All In His Instagram Stories, Also Claiming How The Company Itself Has Made Millions Of Dollars From His Music Meanwhile He’s Yet To See $1 Million Himself. He Told Atlantic How He Wanted A “Buyout”, By Buying Himself Out Of The Deal He Signed In 2015, With His Own Money. 

This Doesn’t Seem To Be Rock’s Year At All! March 2nd Judge Charles A. Pannell Jr. Issued A Default Judgment In NJ Rapper   Rackboy Cam‘s Favor, With An Award Of $1,447,720 In Regards To The Lawsuit He Filed Back In 2018 Against YFN Lucci For Copyright InfringementProducer, PNB Rock, And Producer The Genius And “Think It’s A Game Records” Which Is Lucci’s Atlanta-based label. 

Lucci & Rock’s Song “Everyday We Lit” Blew Up In 2017 And Was Number 33 On The Billboards Hot 100. Rockboy Felt It Sounded To Familiar To The Song He Dropped In 2016 Titled “Everything Be Lit” Which Has A Similar Chorus To “Everyday We Lit”. He Had Also Met With Rock & Lucci Previously Before They Put Out Their Song.

As Part Of The Judgment Giving In March 2021, Rackboy Was Also Awarded Writer’s Royalties From Both Rock and Lucci, At 50% Each In Perpetuity, And Royalties From A Remix Featuring Lil Yachty And Wiz Khalifa. Rackboy Also Receives Prejudgment Interest At 6.25% Per Year For Nearly A Three-Year Period Since The Lawsuit He Filed On March 13, 2018, and $4,576.82 For In And Out-Of-Pocket Legal Fees, With The Total Coming Out To More Than $1.7 Million A Judgment The New Jersey Rapper Seemed To Be Satisfied With.

The Judge Also Made A Ruling That Rock Nor Lucci Can No Longer Promote, Distribute Or Even Publicly Perform Without First Getting Rackboy Cam’s Permission To Do So. Rackboy Also Mentioned How He Had A Relationship With Rock And How He Was Around Him For A Period Of Time. If It Wasn’t For People Questioning Him About “Everyday We Lit”, When It Hit The Airwaves And Them Putting The Connection To His Song He Probably Would’ve Never Looked Into Copyright Infringement While Retaining A Lawyer.