Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

I Want To Tackle One Of The Most Difficult Things To Deal With When It Comes To Relationships And Friendships  No Matter What Race Or Culture You Are. I'm Sure There's Plenty Of People Who Has  Dealt With Someone Suffering With A Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I'm Going To Give You A Brief Overview Of What It Is Like To Have A Narcissistic Personality Disorder, So That You Can Identify What Type Of Person They Really Are. You May Have Very Well Dealt With A Person Suffering From This Disorder Whether It Be In Your Past Or Even Your Present.

One Of Several Types Of Personality Disorders Is Basically A Mental Condition In Which People Have Inflated Sense Of Their Own Importance, A Deep Need For Expensive Attention & Admiration, Troubled Relationships And Lack Of Empathy For Others. Behind This Massive Extreme Confidence Is A Fragile Self Esteem That Is Vulnerable To The Slightest Criticism. So Basically It's Pretty Direct Honestly It’s Basically Is A Person Who Suffering From This Disorder. Basically Means Narcissists Care More About Their Needs Over Yours And What They Require Is More Important Than Anyone Else They Deal With. They Also Don't Empathize With Others And When I Say Empathize I Mean That They Don't Ever Come Out And Say “Hey You Know The Problem May Be Me”. You Know What I Mean? They Will Never Be Understanding And Tend To Never Understand How You May Feel Either. Your Feelings Will Never Be Validated When It Comes To A Narcissist And They Will Never Care About How They're Making You Feel. Their Main Concern Is The Importance Of What They Feel Or What Will Make Them Happy. You Will Also Get Blamed And Get The Finger Pointed At You Basically. Narcissists Have A Massive Extreme Competence When It Comes To Them,  Meaning They Really Believe Everything That Comes Out Their Mouth Sort Of Like A Person Who Is A Pathological Liar. They Believe Everything They Say. Narcissists Have A Fragile Self Esteem And  Doesn’t Have Confidence Within Themselves. They Don't Love Themselves In My Opinion. Speaking From Experience I’ve Dealt With Multiple Men Who Suffer From This Disorder!  Basically Having A Narcissistic Personality Disorder Can Cause Long Term Problems And Many Areas Of Life. Narcissist Will Have You Thinking To Yourself Like “Wow I Must Be The Only Person Going Through This With This Person Or Putting Up With This Person”. They Don’t Realize That They Are The  Cause Of Most Of The Issues They Cause Such As  Relationships Whether It Be At Work, School Or With Their Financial Affairs They Are No Good With Money.  People With A Narcissistic Personality Disorder Maybe Generally Unhappy Disappointed When They're Not Giving The Special Favors Or Admiration They’ve Become So Use To. They Believe They Deserve A Lot More Than They Are Willing To Give Out And This Can Stem From Their Upbringing And Being Enable From Childhood To When They’re An Adult. Be Constantly Pacified Without Being Told When They Are Wrong Is Hindering Especially If Their Wrong Behaviors Are Glorified Instead Of Being Scolded. This Then Leads To Them Not Realizing When They’re Wrong In A Situation That Arises. Narcissists May Not Even Feel Bad For The Things They’ve Caused, Or At Least Let Someone Know They’re Wrong. 

You Know When You're Dealing With Someone Who Has This Disorder When You Feel Uneasy Around Them. When You Get Around Them If You May Not Realize You Tend To Feel Irritable Making You Uncomfortable Around Them. Narcissists Can Be Treated By Psychotherapy But A Lot Of This Goes Unnoticed Especially In The Black Community. I've Talked About This On One Of My Episodes, But In The Black Community (I’m Not Saying All Black People When I Say This) It's Hard For Them To Believe That Mental Illness Even Exists. Saying That's Just How I Am Doesn’t Sit Well With Me Either. I'm Just At Age Where I Don't Think I Know Everything As Well As Teachable. I'm Also A Quick Learner And Analyze Things Quick And Very Well.  I Also Know What I Am Not Willing To Tolerate, But Have I Put Myself Through Things That I Knew I Have No Business Putting Myself Through? Yes!  It’s Not Because I Don’t Know My Value, I Just Get Caught Up Seeing The Good And The Potiential In People.  I Am Also A Sagittarius (Not That It Matters) So I Try To See The Good In Everything. 

I'm Just Gonna Run Down A Couple Of Symptoms Of How You How You Know You're Dealing With A Narcissistic Personality Disorder, What To Look For Because You Just May Be Around Or May Have Been Suffering From The Effects Of Being Around Someone With A Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Narcissists Have An Exaggerated Sense Of Self-Importance Like Thinking Their So Much More Important Than Anyone They Come Across. Your Needs Are Not More Important To Their Needs Or Their Wants. How And What They Feel Is More Important Than Reciprocating The Energy. They Feel Like You Owe Them, Feeling A Sense Of Entitlement. They Require Constant Excessive Admiration Like They Wanted To Be Merited And  Awarded For The Littlest Things Even If It’s  Something They're Supposed To Be Doing Or Not. They Feel Like They're Obligated To That. And They Give A Little Back In Return Like The Energy Just Never Reciprocated. They Expect To Be Recognized At All Times And Feel Superior Even Without Achievements That Warrant It. They Want To Be Warranted For Things Adults Are Supposed To Be Doing. They Exaggerate Their  Achievements And Talents. They Tend To Drag It Out In Order To Glorify Themselves To Make It Seem Like They're The Best Person In The World And Tell Stories To Make Other People They Ended Things With Look Like The Bad Person. Narcissists Believe They Have No Flaws Because They’re Being Preoccupied With Their Fantasies Full Of Delusion. They Portray Like Their The Best Person To Deal With, The Best Son/Daughter, The Best Girlfriend/Boyfriend In The World. They Will Not See A Problem With Anything You Complain About Because They Feel Superior And Can Only Associate Themselves With People They Feel They Can Manipulate. To Me Narcissist Really Think They’re Perfect. That's Number One. A Lot Of Us Are Still Learning. It's Never Too Late To Say I’m Sorry It's Never Too Late. Instead Of Understanding Or Asking “What Can I Do Better” And Actually Fixing It They Make Excuses. When You're Trying To Work Things Out With Someone Who Has A Narcissistic Personality Disorder, You Have Tonlet Them Know How You Feel Directly And Be Brutally Honest If You Need To. Keep In Mind They Will Take Over The Conversation Without Trying To Hearing Your Concerns Or Letting You Finish. They Will Demand The You To Hear Them Out While Cutting You Off When You’re Trying To Speak Your Peace. They Don’t Listen With The Intent To Hear How You Feel, They Listen With The Intent To Respond And To Justify Their Previous Actions. They Will Take Advantage You If You Let Them In Order To Get What They Want. A Narcissist Is A Big User And Will Suck You Dry. If They Can No Longer Benefit From You, It Will Get Them Angry And Make Them Feel Helpless.  When They Need You They Try To Play This Role Like They Appreciate All That You Do. They Become Envious And  Jealous Of Their Girlfriend/ Boyfriend If They Are Excelling More Than They Are Or When They Know  They Deserve More Than What They're Willing To Give. They Think They're Better Than What They Actually Are And Live A Life That's Not Reality. They Are Welcome Very Delusional Insists On Having The Best Of Everything They Can’t Even Afford To Maintain. The Best Car, The Best Home And None Of It Matches His Reality. You Can't Realistically Have Money For This If You Can't Afford To Keep Up Or Maintain It. Narcissist Have Trouble Handling Anything That’s Not Stroking Their Ego Or If The Narrative Is Negative Feedback. They Can't Take Constructive Criticism Without Being On The  Defense Because They're Always Going To Justify Their Actions. They Would Have You Feeling Like Your Bugging When It’s Really Them. Just Know You're Allowed To Say What You Don't Agree With Without Having To Feel Bad About It.

Protect Your Peace ASAP 🙏🏽


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