My Vitiligo Experience- Living With Vitiligo

My Vitiligo Experience- Living With Vitiligo

My Vitiligo


So Basically, I've Had Vitiligo Since I Was 11 Years Old. I Was Actually In Junior High School At The Time And One Day I Just Woke Up With A Light Spot Above Both My Eyelids. It Was Actually As Wide As The White Circle Surrounding A Raccoon’s Eye.


When I First Brought It To My Mothers Attention, We Both Thought It Was A Sunburn Because It Was Around Summertime . Some People With Melanin In Their Skin, Have Areas Where There Is A Sunburn Or The Skin Tends To Fade In Comparison To Anyone Who Has Vitiligo . Around That Time Of My Life, There Was Not Many People With Vitiligo, So We Were Unaware Of What My Condition Was.. The Vitiligo Began To Spread Wider Around My Eye Over The Course Of My Teenage Years. Now It Has Gotten Really Smaller, And Gradually Over Time The Vitiligo Began To Spread In Different Areas Of Bottom In Big Portions. It Went From My Knees Down To My Elbows. I Even A Little Patch On My Right Breast. There's A Few Places (To My Knowledge) I Believe Hasn’t Grown Out More.


I’ve Gotten Teased About It Growing Up. Kids Can Be So Cruel At Times, But Over Time I Developed Some Tough Skin And Managed To Get Through The Insults As Well As The Constant Stares From Adults More Than Children. When It Came To Dating I Use To Be Really Insecure, And Would Assume Guys Didn’t Find Me Attractive. When I Turned 14 I Decided I Would Try To Hide My Vitiligo With Makeup Foundation. The First Foundation I Used As A Cover Up Was Dermablend. Dermablend Was Recommended By The Secretary Who Worked In The Junior High School I Attended. In The Summer Time I Refused To Wear Anything That Would Reveal My Legs Or Elbows, I Even Tried Leg Make Up From The Same Brand. Using Make Up On My Legs & Elbows Didn’t Last Long. The Make Up Ruined Not Only My Clothes And Sheets, But It Would Get On Other People’s Clothes If They Accidentally Rubbed Against Me.


I Stopped Wearing Make Up Three Years Ago, And I Don’t Plan On Covering It Again. It Took A Night After Partying (And Being Hungover), For Me To Look Myself In The Mirror And Realize Just How Beautiful I Really am. I Gave Myself A Pep Talk That Morning, And Was Beyond Tired Of Routinely Applying Make Up First Before Stepping Out Of My House. I Vowed To Never Feel Insecure About My Skin Condition Again, And Ever Since Then I’ve Gotten Way More Compliments And Attention From Strangers I’ve Come Across. People Would Always Tell Me How I Was Still Beautiful And Didn’t Need To Wear Make Up, But I Needed To Finally Feel That Way About Myself First Before Just Believing Others. Now I’m Super Confident, And Don’t Seek Other Peoples Approval More So Than Before When I Was Insecure. Once People Notice You Lack Confidence They Will Assume You Are Weak And Play Into Your Insecurities.



Writing Has Always Helped Me Through Difficult Times, But I Got Tired Of Just Putting Pen To Paper And Felt I Need To Find A Way To Motivate And Encourage Others To Share Their Stories To Help Inspire Others By Letting Them Know They Aren’t The Only Ones To Have Gone Through It. I Felt In Order For Me To Reach A Huge Number Of People Who May Need Some Motivation And Inspiration, I Would Need To Start My Own Podcast.


I Launched My First Solo Podcast, The Fessup w/ Chyna Podcast In  March 2020. I Wanted To Finally Share My Experience With Having Vitiligo Since I Was A Chid Publicly, And Share The  Insecurities I Had Three Years Prior To Launching My First Episode. My 1st Published Episode Was “Living With Vitiligo”,  Where I Opened Up About Having Vitiligo Since I Was Eleven And How I Tried To Hide It For So Many Years While Masking Being Self Conscious.  After I Finally Embraced My Skin Condition, I  Decided To Share My New Platform With People I Chose To Interview Who Also Had A Story To Tell. My Podcast Featured My Own Personal Stories, And Interviews From; Entertainers, Entrepreneurs, And Even People With Traumatic Experiences They’ve Never Shared Before Publicly.


My Mission Is To Give Other People The Opportunity To Tell Their Story Or Grow Their Brand!


SB: If You Know Anyone Who You Make Think Has Low Self Esteem, Consider Doing These Four Things To Show Some Compassion And Support.


  1. Check On Even Your Strong Friend: Stop Assuming That Your Strong Friends Don’t Need Help And That They Have It Altogether. Feeling Like You Have To Be Strong All The Time Can Be Exhausting Even For Me. Everyone Needs To Feel Like They Are Valued And Appreciated. Sometimes The Person That Is There For Everyone, Needs Some One To Be Their For Them.
  2. Listen Without Making It About You: When The Person Your Trying To Uplift Is Venting To You About Their Insecurities, Avoid And Stop Telling Them How To Feel. If You Try To Debate About The Insecurities They Feel, It Will Only Be A Negative Reaction. Let Them Vent Without You Cutting Them Off To Tell Them About Your Problem. Avoid Saying Things Like “If It Was Me”, Because It’s Not You And Sometimes You Don’t Really Know How You Would React If You Was In Their Shoes Even For Just A Day.
  3. Suggest Counseling Or Therapy: Before You Volunteer Giving Out Any Bad Advice, Approach This Type Of Suggestion With Care. You Don’t Want This Person To Feel Like You’re Judging Them. If You Have Or Are Dealing With Therapist, Inform Them About How Much Being In Therapy Has Helped You. If They Tell You They Don’t Believe In Therapy Or Declines To Take Your Advice, Don’t Just Them Or Get Upset About It. They May Not Take Your Advice Right Then And There, But They May Consider It Down The Line.
  4. Help Put Them In Positions To Win: Not Only Should You Push This Person To Set Goals For Themselves, But You Should Always Put Them On To New Ideas On How To Be Successful, Or New Ways To Make Some Money. Even If You  Have To Be The Extension Cord And Introduce Them To “The Plug”, Not Everything Is About Money So If You Know Anyone That They Would Benefit From After Networking Connect Those Dots DON’T Block Your Blessings.

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