Them Review (My Review) An Amazon Prime Original Series, Created By Little Marvin

Them Review (My Review) An Amazon Prime Original Series, Created By Little Marvin

I’m Going To Be Real Honest, I Hardly Watch TV So I Hardly Know What Shows Or Movies To Look Out For Upon Premiering. My Boyfriend Put The Series “Them” On Our Bedroom Tv, While Saying Either His Mother or Sister Suggested I Should Watch It Because They Thought I Would Like It. They Were Right, I Sat Through Every Episode Cringing And Sometimes Looking Away At What Took Place. 

From The Very First Episode, This Series Reminded Me Of “Get Out” & “US” Both Written And Directed By Jordan Peele An American Actor, Comedian And Filmmaker. Both Movies Is Under The Horror Genre, And Get Out Depicted Middle Class White Liberals Who Were The Villains  In The Movie. 

“Them” Is Actually A Horror Drama Anthology Series Original Streaming On Amazon Prime, That Was Created By Little Marvin A Writer And Producer & Executive Produced By Lena Waithe. Lena Waithe Is An American Screen Writer, Producer, And Actress. Lena Is Known For The Hit Series The Chi Originally Released On Showtime, And Her Screenwriting/Production Queen & Slim Released In Theaters In 2019 Just To Name A Couple. 

Them Can Be Terrifying To Watch At Times, As It Shows How Frightening It Was To Be Black In 1953. The First Season Pretty Much Reminded Me How Terrifying It Can Be To Be Black Now In 2021. This Series Gives You A Closer Look To Examine The Cultural Differences Between Blacks & Whites. If You Didn’t Know Before You’ll Know Now After Watching Them, The Exploration Of Us “vs” Them In A Way You Have Never Seen It Before. 

Seeing Just How Cruel People Can Be Only When They Have Others To Back Them Up Against Another Smaller Group, Was Getting Me So Angry. There Were Times I Caught Myself Yelling At My TV Screen, Because Of How Cruel The White Neighbors Were To Black Families Just Trying To Raise Their Children And What They Thought Was A Better Environment.

Overall, So Far I Give This Series 5 Stars, In My Opinion It Kept Me On My Toes I Was Glued Every Episode With Non Stop Action. I Can’t Imagine The Trauma Racism Has Caused For Some Black People Who Grew Up In That Era. Sadly However, Racism Still Exists. Although It Isn’t Nearly As Bad Now Like It Was Back Then, The Fact Still Remains It Still Exists! 

I Feel Like Black History Should Be Apart Of These Kids Today Curriculum, And The Facts That It Isn’t Bothers Me. It’s Our Job As Parents To Educate Our Children, It’s Important For Them To Know Their History To Avoid Being Provoked By Ignorance. 

Them Is A Must Watch! Caution It Does Have A Few Scenes Featuring A Character With The Blackface Role, Foul Language And Graphic Violence. After Watching Tell Me What You Think?