Lil Reese Shot In Downtown Chicago!

Lil Reese Shot In Downtown Chicago!

Saturday Morning, “Allegedly” Rapper Lil Reese And Two Others Were Shot For An Apparent Gunfight In A Busy Parking Garage Near The North Side Block. Once Source Says The Men Were All Shooting At Each Other, While Other Reports Are Saying Lil Reese And The Two Other Men Were Trying To Steal A Dodge Durango That Has Bullet Holes Throughout The Vehicle. 

Reese Informed The Police He Had No Involvement In The Thief Of The Supposed Theft. Reese’s Graphic Video  Has Been Surfacing The Internet, Showing Him Handcuffed On The Ground On His Side Badly Beaten And Leaking Blood From His Mouth And Face. 

There Was Also Another Man Seen Leaking And Badly Beaten Walking Out The Parking Garage Limping. Another Video Surfacing Also Shows The Man Handcuffed Sitting On The Ground Denying Being The Driver In The Saturday Morning Shootout. He Denied Any Involvement In The Carjacking. 

Three Witnesses Who Asked To Remain Anonymous, Describe The Ordeal As “Weird Series Of Events”, In Connection With The Theft Of The Dodge Durango. The Witnesses Said As They Drove Their Car To The 3rd Floor Of The Parking Garage, They Saw A Vehicle Crash Into A Cement Barrier With The Cars Airbags Extended. They Weren’t Sure What Led Up To The Crash. One Witnessed Said “It Didn’t Make Any Sense The Way It Was Crashed.” 

As Of Right Now It’s Really Unclear What Really Happened At That Parking Garage Saturday Morning, But The Video That Has Been Surfacing Shows A Unidentified Man And A Woman Yelling Out How The Pair Were Trying To Steal Their Car, But It’s Unclear Who Shot Them Or Beat Them Up. 

28 Yr Old Reese Born Taveres Taylor, Was Badly Beaten And Grazed In His Eye. The Other Two Victims Are Still Unidentified, But One Was Reported To Be 20 Yrs Old Who Was Shot Twice In The Knee And The Other Victim Is Reported To Be 28 Yrs Old With Multiple Wounds To His Body.

My Thing Is This, With All This PPP Loans And Free Unemployment Floating Around, What Would Be The Need For Rapper Lil Reese To Be Stealing One Car With Two Other Men? It Only Takes One Person To Drive, What Was They Really Going To Get Out Of Trying To Steal A Car? The Whole Storyline Sounds Weird, You Would Think Reese Would Leave Chicago And Get His Shit Together After Almost Facing Death In 2019. Again, He Was Able To Dodge His Own Funeral So Hopefully This Is The Last Sign He Needs To Shape Up And Ship Out! 

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