Happy Mother’s Day Queens Of Everything!!

Happy Mother’s Day Queens Of Everything!!

Happy Mother’s To All My Strong (this blog isn’t for the weak) Black Queens, Although Everyday For Us Is Mother’s Day We Still Deserve To Feel Extra Special On This Day. This Day Isn’t The Opportunity To Bash Your Baby Fathers Because Breeding A Child Is A Blessing That Some Women Sadly Hasn’t Or Never Gotten To Experience! 

You Should Never Have A Child For Selfish Reasons Nor Use Them As A Pawn, Child Support Is Intended And Designed For Women That Cannot  Manage To Care For Their Child Financially, Not For Failed Relationships And Malicious Intent. Although I’m Not Really A Fan Of Child Support Because Having A Father You Can Cherish Is Beyond Financial Status, Bonding & Quality Time Is More Important In My Opinion But I Do Understand The Purpose Of Child Support And The Benefit Of Receiving It. 

However, This Article Isn’t Meant To Be Distasteful So Back To Acknowledging And Honoring Us Being The Mother Of Our Family, Motherhood, Maternal Bonds, And The Effect We Have On Our Children As Well As Society. Women Before My Time Fought And Sacrificed So Much For Equality, Liberty As Well As Justice For All Women Not Just Black Women. Although, Us Black Women Are Often Overlooked And Devalued Our Strength Is Phenomenal And Unmatched!

I Would Like To S/O Both My Sons Andre & Naizaya, And God For Allowing Me To Share My World With These Two Articulate, Smart & Handsome Boys. They’re Are Two Years Apart And Don’t Have The Same Father But, Both Favor Me In Different Stages And Milestones In My Life. I Want To Thank Them For Being Patient With Me And My Growth As A Mother, And Being So Self Sufficient Unlike Most Children In Their Age Groups. 

Happy Mother’s To Me, My Mom, My Grand Mothers, My Nephew And Nieces Mother, My Boyfriends Mother And His Sisters Who Are Now My Sisters For Eternity, My Sisters From My Fathers Side, My Friends That Are Amazing Mothers, The Mothers In My Family And The Rest Of The Strong Hard Working Black Mothers Out There. This Day Is For Us😘🤟🏽

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