Being Unmotivated With No Goals Is A Turn Off!

Being Unmotivated With No Goals Is A Turn Off!

I Know Some People Juggle With Asking Themselves; “Is Okay Not To Have Any Goals, Passions, Or  Any Ambition? Long Story Short, The Answer Is Definitely NO! Even If You Want To Be A Hustler That Is A GOAL, But It Still Involves Consistency! 

Without Having Goals, You Will Appear To Others, As Having Lack Of Motivation. There’s A lot Of Needy People In This World That Tends To Rely On Others To Motivate Them. It’s Cool To Have A Support System That Wants To Genuinely Motivate You, But For Long Term You Need To Motivate Your Self And Not Live Your Life Based On Expectations And Feeling Entitled.

Success Doesn’t Happen Over Night Nor Does Come Knocking At Your Door. Anything You Want To Achieve, You Have To Work Hard For It You Will Appreciate It More. When I Say Work Hard I Don’t Mean Working Like A Slave. Work Smarter, Not Too Hard. When You Drift In Life And Get Too Comfortable Living Just Barely Making It By, It Can Lead To Unhappiness In The Long Run.

There Are Three Types Of Goals; Process, Performance And Outcome. A Process Goal Is Having A Specific Action Or Process. A Performance Goal Is A Personal Standard That You Set For Yourself. A Outcome Goal Is When You Actually Win. Your Performance Goal And Outcome Goal Goes Hand And Hand. 

It’s Normal To Have Doubts About Your Success Or Your Capabilities. Ultimately, We Have To Unlock The Magic Deep Within All Of Us. Letting Go Your Fears When It Comes To Success Is Also A Goal, And If You’re Still Unsure About Your Goals Speak To A Professional Counselor Who Can Walk You Through The Process. Never Should You Be Comfortable Being A Burden To Anyone Around You! 


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